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Skin-to-Skin Baby Holding: How Do I Do So Safely, Where Can I Find A Sling, And Is There Coaching?

The quick answer is yes!

Skin-to-skin baby holding : bare love

Skin-to-skin carrying consists of carrying a baby or a child against you during your movements and activities using a baby carrier, a fabric or a sling. Practiced around the world since the beginnings of mankind, baby-wearing is the logical continuation of skin to skin, promoting the establishment of strong bonds of attachment and increasing parents' sense of trust. The use of a safe baby carrier makes it possible to optimally meet the needs of the child and to lighten the daily life of the parents.

If you would like more information, a baby-wearing instructor and skin-to-skin advisor trained by the National Institute of Child Carrying (INPE) is on site at the CRF during opening hours. She is able to answer your questions and show you several models of baby carriers that are available for borrowing in our material library. Do you want to try them? Contact us for an appointment! To reach us:

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