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What To Do With The Kids During Confinement

The coronavirus is still a thing. And if your kids are like almost all kids on the planet, they need to be entertained 24/7. So, let's talk about some free things to do with the kids!

Ideas To Spend Time While Learning!

1. Make this simple DIY ball ramp game. Think ski jumping and you can't go wrong!

2. Play free games featuring Elmo, Daniel Tiger and more

3. Hugo L'Escargot offers variety of totally free interactive games!

4. Try out Lulu La Taupe and discover the geography of the world.

5. There is no shortage of choices at

AirPiano: Vodlozero National Park, Republic of Karelia, Russia

6. With the advent of 4k cameras came some breathtaking images. Explore the most beautiful landscapes in the world with AirPiano.

7. With all these digital mentions, let's never forget physical activity! With winter just around the corner, nothing is more fun than a day sliding down a snow-covered hill. Here's « home-made crazy carpet » that guarantees hours and hours of fun, from the designs to the slide!

8. For children 6 years and over, find out Jacquote. There you will find logic and thinking games, educational games and more. You can easily accompany your child to make wise choices!

9. Let the little or little scientist flourish with an embarrassment of choices offered by the Montreal Science Center.

10. Learn responsibility without risk and empathy for the living being with Zoo2AnimalPark by creating and caring for a zoo. There you have it! 10 activities you can do with your children during this time of confinement.

Smile together. Laugh together. Learn together. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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