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The Centre: A brief presentation

The Centre de Ressources Familiales du Haut St-Laurent (CRF) is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1985. It is a family community organization and is part of the independent community action movement by meeting the following criteria ¹   :

  1. Demonstrates rootedness in the community;

  2. Maintains an associative and democratic life;

  3. Is free to determine its mission, its orientations as well as its approaches and practices;

  4. Was formed on the initiative of the people of the community;

  5. Pursues a social mission specific to the organization and which promotes social transformation;

  6. Demonstrates civic practices and broad approaches, focused on the globality of the problem addressed;

  7. Is managed by a board of directors independent of the public network.

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The main mission of the CRF is to support various family members of the community (children, parents, grandparents, etc.) via a continuum of prevention services from pregnancy. These services help improve their quality of life and overall health, as well as promote the healthy development of children.

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Driven by the values of mutual aid, solidarity, respect, autonomy and empowerment, the CRF supports families in the community through a global approach based on the three foundations of an autonomous Family community: the environment of life, popular education and enrichment of the parental experience².


Values & Foundations




Intervening in the prevention of problems that may be experienced by individuals has a significant impact, among other things, on reducing costs for society in terms of medical care, remedial education, intervention with the justice system and intergenerational prejudices. Individuals who frequent the CRF and / or who use its services have the privilege of being accommodated in a place where judgments are not tolerated, a place allowing to create bonds, thus breaking isolation and also allowing to evolve in harmony. In addition, the CRF team is really concerned about their living conditions, believes in their potential and builds on their strengths. Finally, the entire service offering of the organization is bilingual and offered in French and English to families.

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With 34 years of expertise, the CRF was founded in 1985 by women from the community and was called at the time “Association Ressources Maternité (ARM)”. Seeing to the well-being of pregnant women who face high-risk pregnancies through, among other things, the OLO service, was its main mission. ARM was located at 182 Châteauguay street in Huntingdon.


Over time, the organization has developed according to the needs and initiative of its members, leading to the establishment of early parent-child stimulation workshops for 0 - 3 year olds in 1993 with a drop-in daycare service, then to cooking workshops for pregnant women and parents of young children in 1999. At the same time, the early stimulation workshops were enhanced by members who developed and deployed parent-child activity groups for 3 to 4 year olds. In 2000, the organization changed its charter to become the 'Centre de Ressources Familiales du Haut St-Laurent (CRF)', a name that better reflects the mission and objectives as well as the territory served by the organization.


Then, we acquired the building at 16 King Street and moved in 2001 in order to be able to respond more effectively to the needs of families in the region. In 2004, parent-child activity groups for 4-5 year olds were added, which completed the range of prevention services for families, from birth to school entry. Over the years, the CRF has taken root in the community and has remained connected to family realities and social changes. All of this has made it possible to create numerous services, activities and one-off projects that have been added to the organization's mission in order to respond as effectively as possible to the needs of families in the community, continuously in consultation with local resources. In 2015, on its 30th anniversary, the organization changed its logo to integrate all family members seamlessly and continuously.


Organizational chart


Our team

  • Rommy Hernandez Tenorio, Interim Executive Director 

  • Karine Daoust, Coordinator of family services

  • Lyne Sylvestre, Parent - child / parent workshop animator 

  • Maryse Vachon, Animator of cooking workshops

  • Claudine Paquette, Parent workshop animator

  • Diane Taillefer, Educator 

  • Heather Harper, Educator

  • Lenka Herodesova  Educator 

Board of Directors

The CRF is headed by a Board of 7 members:

  • Audrey Déry, President

  • Sandra Morin-Carpentier, Vice-president

  • Samuel Rose, Secretary

  • Isabelle Caza, Treasurer

  • Sonia Viau, Administrator

  • Hélène David-Gélinas, Administrator

  • McKenzie Hooker, Administrator

¹ Government of Quebec (2001). Government policy. Community action: an essential contribution to the exercise of citizenship and to the social development of Quebec , p.21.

² Quebec Federation of Family Community Organizations (2016). Reference and animation kit on autonomous community action Family.

Rapports d'Activités
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